Flynn Re-Thinks Russian Ambassador Call
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Flynn Re-Thinks Russian Ambassador Call

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Saying he’s not certain, but it’s probably maybe, national security advisor Michael Flynn said today that it might not have been a good idea for him to call the Russian Ambassador to the United States while Barack Obama was still president and Flynn was a private citizen, telling the Russians to ignore U.S. sanctions imposed in response to Russian espionage until Donald Trump entered the White House and gave Vladimir Putin a post in the new Trump administration.

“I’m not saying I did or I didn’t – because I honestly just called the Russian ambassador to the United States to say Merry Christmas and ask him what he thought about the Cubs epic World Series win – but maybe we might have wandered into talking about future U.S. policy since I was just announced as the incoming national security advisor to the president-elect of the United States,” said Flynn. “However, I can’t remember and I’m not certain.”

The phone call came after the Obama administration expelled dozens of Russian diplomats involved in espionage against the United States. The expulsions and other sanctions against Russia were a response to 17

U.S. intelligence agencies told the Obama administration they had hard information that Russia, acting under direct orders from Vladimir Putin, had hacked Democratic and Republican National Committee, and Clinton campaign computers, releasing only damaging emails from the DNC and Clinton Campaign.

White House Tasmanian devil, Sean Spicer, said that even if General Flynn had phoned the Russians telling them that the Obama administration’s sanctions would be lifted by president Trump, “America is no saint, either. Even if Russia, acting under the direct orders of its president, repeatedly interfered with a U.S. presidential election, American presidents have done bad things, too. Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting that?”

When reporters pointed out that the actions of American presidents are subject to almost daily scrutiny during their terms in office, Spicer responded, “So you admit you’re harassing president Trump?”

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