Melania “really peaced off” at fellow hooker Stormy Daniels
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Melania “really peaced off” at fellow hooker Stormy Daniels

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First Escort Melania Trump said she is “really peaced off” that fellow prostitute Stormy Daniels agreed to sign a non-disclosure form agreeing not to spill the beans of her sexual encounter with First John, President Donald Trump.

“I being angry that a professional working woman would allow a man to dictate what she can and can’t say,” said the fuming Slovenian former “model” and current FLILF of the United States.

“When I slept with married men for money, I always be sharing notes with the other girls I worked with. It’s a matter of professional courtesy. This ho, Stormy Daniels, insults all business women by allowing man to tell her what she can and can’t do.”

When a reporter pointed out that prostitution is illegal in most countries and frowned upon in the United State, the former cover girl of “Balkan Railways Today” said, “My lawyer say I can keep all jewelry Donald give me.”

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